Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun as a spiritual practice

Laughing and having fun has to be one of the most important spiritual practices that I can think of.  I tend to be a person who thinks a lot and sometimes I need to not think just feel, just enjoy.   So, my blog today is a slide show of the Alaska State Fair that the whole family attended this weekend. We had a great, great time and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I am sure that there is a deep spiritual lesson to be learned at the fair, infinite numbers of them probably.  But for now, I am just looking back over my pictures and smiling.  

See my slide show on the previous post.  

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Beth Knight said...

Rebecca - there is such holistic joy glowing in these pictures. From the poignant photos of Africa to the simple delights of a state fair I see a growing depth of richness flowing from your family. It is such a pleasure to share in your family loving, laughing and evolving.