Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fumbling toward the Divine

There are no words

for the deepest places in my life.

They cannot be named

or wrestled into some safe enclosure of explanation.

I fumble around looking

for some way to bring God

into a world that is already bursting with the Divine.

They say that it is the poet’s job

To get said

that which is unsayable.

But what if it turns out to be true

that some things

were better left



The Pollinatrix said...

I love the paradox of this poem.

It's striking me as an excellent caution to keep in mind as I continue to work on the very difficult post inspired by our recent conversation.

Anonymous said...

another beautiful example of your poetry. I am in the midst of finding out how true it is that some things are better left unsaid. I am usually a spill it kinda gal. this is taking some practice and self control but i see the benefits.


Lovely poetry!