Monday, October 12, 2009

However splendid the views....

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The heavy is the root of the light.

The unmoved is the source of all movement.

Thus the Master travels all day

without leaving home.

However splendid the views,

she stays serenely in herself.

Lao-Tzu, Tao de Ching

I am an ambivalent traveler. I get very excited about exploring, trying new foods, experiencing another culture and most of all, if language issues don't preclude it, interacting with the locals. But recently I have found that when I travel I feel unmoored, unable to settle, to deeply focus in the same ways that I do in my familiar surroundings. I feel out of place and unattached. I long for connection, even if it is just with a friendly waiter or a helpful person in a shop. I think that Lao-Tzu has some insight for me here. In the midst of movement I may also remain unmoved. While taking in new sights and experiences I can also attend to my inner being by remaining serenely in myself. And the good news is that I don't have to go back to Africa to practice this. This is first practiced in my times of yoga, prayer and meditation. And then at a crowded grocery store, a hectic department store, or when my kids are picking at each other in the car on the way to school. We will be traveling to Mexico in another 10 days or so. I look forward to practicing the serenity that I know lives within as I move in that world. Another pilgrimage to myself?
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kigen said...

Rebecca, a very wonderful post !! Deep, Deep, Deep.

A crane calling in the shade
Its young answers it
I have a good goblet
I will share it with you

I Ching

Anonymous said...

You and i are very different when it comes to traveling...but I totally can relate to feeling out of place and unattached.
I hope you have a blast in Mexico!


Have a wonderful trip. I know you've been reading "Lucy" and MindSieve as well and sharing in our planned pilgrimage and surprise pilgrimages as they come about. May your trip to Mexico be filled with fun, discovery, and moments of serene awakening to the pilgrimage experience you never would have planned for yourself.


Rebecca Johnson said...

Kigen, I am feeling that here in the blogging circle I am receiving lots and lots of yummy goblets. Thanks for sharing one with me!

Rebecca Johnson said...

Nichol, Are we? : ) I will have a margarita in just your honor. Love....

Rebecca Johnson said...

SS, I feel truly blessed by your loving benediction. Hmmm...a pilgrimage to a beach resort in Mexico. Yes, it can be done. : ) Love....

lucy said...

i adore the words of lao-tzu. it reminds me of ways i find to ground myself when i travel - sometimes it is easier than others. i do believe that not only do people hold certain energies, but places do too. the beach of mexico is one of my "grounding" places, so i can see myself pilgrimaging there and so see it possible for you, too.

"the heavy is the root of the light." speaks to me on multiple levels. as i think of journeying to ireland, i can almost feel myself floating away with "light". the beauty is that in the "heavy" i remain grounded.

wow. like, kigen said: deep deep deep.

blessings and peace.

Rebecca Johnson said...

Lucy, It seems very strange, I have never given much thought to "grounding" myself as I travel. It has always been the light, you know, the footloose and the fancy free. I think that as my spiritual self becomes more and more developed, it has been getting a little pissed off at being left behind when I go off on a "vacation". Thanks for helping me think about this.

Beth Knight said...

May the Mexico sun kiss your skin, warm your heart, bless you and your family, and may you feel the privilege and joy of your travels.