Thursday, October 8, 2009


Candle of LoretoImage by Loci Lenar via Flickr

A perfect day for pilgrimage.

A slow steady rain, the trees outside my window shrouded in mist,

their branches occasionally stirred by an imperceptible wind.

My candle is lit, steam rises from the cup of tea beside it.

It is a quiet day.

May my inward space reflect that outward hush.

There is no where I have to be, no where I have to go.

The only pressing engagement is the one that I have with myself.

To allow enough stillness in myself to let God come to me.

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” Psalm 27:7-8

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Anonymous said...

''May my inward space reflect that outward hush''

Pure perfection. This line made me close my eyes and just sit with it.

Roy said...

Exquisite, Rebecca.

A good day to be silent.
To disappear,
To be not who I am,
But to be with I Am.

It's a good day to die, O God.
A good day to feel your embrace,
To burn in the heat of your heart.
Closer, Beloved, make me disappear in Thee.

Rebecca Johnson said...

Nichol, That word "hush" just dropped down onto the keyboard like a gift. It reminds me of a mother quietly holding her child and saying, shhhhhhhh. And like you, I release a long sigh and allow myself to just be.

Rebecca Johnson said...

Roy, The beauty of your words draws me deeper into the beauty of this stillness. Thank you. It is a good day to die. And it is a good day to be truly alive.

Suz said...

Thank you for your lovely poetic entry! I love it...just love it! Roy, you did a wonderful job responding. It reminds me that I need some stillness in the day. I forget so quickly. I am "rewarded" for getting things done.
Love and hugs,

Rebecca Johnson said...

I am imagining you immersing yourself in creating. Deep stillness. I agree with you about getting things done. Mostly I'm the only one who gets uptight one way or the other whether things get done or not.

Re Roy: isn't he good? I'm glad that he chooses to post his poetry at my blog. : )


Rebecca, Thanks for sharing your personal "hush" for the day. Coming back to my personal spot for quietness these last few days has been such a blessing. Trying to explain it to those who have yet to give themselves the gift of silence seems fruitless, yet sharing our moments may be the words that bring another to their own peace. Thanks again....

Rebecca Johnson said...

I can't imagine what I ever did before I discovered that I absolutely needed those quiet places in my life. I'm glad that you have such a place to come home to. Travel is really fun for me, but when I come home there is a sense of relief in my spirit and my body. Welcome home!