Friday, October 23, 2009

What I learned from my zipper today....

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Recently I bought a merino wool sweater that is both warm and fun, I really love it. However, the reviews on the website from which it was purchased warned about issues with the zippers. People were frustrated that a sweater brand that was supposed to be known for its quality should have sticky zippers. When my sweater arrived I found that the zipper really was quite cluncky.

This morning I slipped the sweater on and luxuriated for a moment in its softness and its warmth, and then attempted to zip it up. I tried to pull it up, nothing. Tried again. Again, nothing. I took the little metal thing that sticks into the bottom completely out, reinserted it, but it still wouldn’t go. I tried this several more times. I’m sure that you get the picture. By this time, my tension was rising. Was a little thing like not being able to get my zipper zipped going to get my whole day off on the wrong foot?

Most of us in my family are easily frustrated by these sorts of snafus. My husband, Mark, is the one that we always turn to when something needs what I call finesse. Maybe it’s a lid that I just can’t get to go on correctly or getting the battery cover off or on some sort of electronic device. I usually wrestle with it for 3 or 4 minutes and then if Mark is around I say, Honey, this needs a little finesse.” He takes the object and you can sort of watch him center. His hands and body seem to relax, his mind is focused. He gives the object his whole focus and voila! The task is accomplished and I often cheer aloud, grateful for his gift.

But, Mark was asleep this morning and the only person to get this zipped up was going to be me. All of the sudden, I became aware of the energy in my body. I was hunched over myself, the muscles in my shoulders bunched, my arm muscles tightened. I had the thought, “Well, if this is the energy that I am transmitting to this zipper, no wonder it is a bit confused.” I took a breath, stood up straight, allowed all of my muscles and bones to settle back in their correct position, slid the zipper into the pull tab, and pulled it up to my neck as smooth as butter. May this be the energy that I bring to all of my tasks this day.

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kigen said...

Superb, delightful reflection! It's haiku! The most profound of teachings bequeathed through the simplest of events. I can't wait for my own try on the next stuck zipper. ((-:

Suz said...

Good writing, Rebecca! So true. Jud is the calm one in our house and he isn't always going to be I need to transmit that energy, too.

Plus, it isn't good for our bodies to hold that energy.

Thanks, Rebecca. You always make me think and are so refreshing!


Anonymous said...

Well you know I would have ripped the sweater off and threw it across the being your ever so enlightened and completely rational friend. :-)
I like your way better though. I am proud of you and i bet it felt great when you zipped up! I wonder...did you take the chance of unzipping and zipping again that day?
Love you

Tess said...


Beth Knight said...

Rebecca - thank you ! I will start my week on Monday thinking of this reminder. Wonderful imagery :)


Very illustrative tale of the zip! Would that I would take a deep breath today when handling potential clunky issues:)

lucy said...

sounds like you learned a little "finesse" of your own :-) thank you for the images i will carry with me as i encounter my own stuck zippers!!

Barbara said...

It always seems to me that clothing manufacturers often cut corners when they choose to use zippers. I had one replaced in an expensive winter coat and it has been transformed from a battleground to a warm surround! Yes, calm down and be one with the stuck-ness. Very Zen.