Monday, October 12, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

I am new to the blogging world. I have watched from the sidelines for a few months and recently jumped in with both feet. I am surprised and thrilled by what I have found here. I never imagined myself as part of an online community. I wasn't sure that anyone would ever find my site and if they did, I assumed they would read and move on. But to have people who reverently read about my spiritual thoughts and process, no matter how meandering and inward they may be, and then comment in supportive and challenging ways has been a grace-ful gift to me.

There is a bit of a danger here. The connections on the web are nearly unlimited. At every blog that I visit there is this really interesting and tempting list of other blogs trailing along the right hand side and each of them representing another soul on this journey. Some of us look and look in our churches, our workplaces and our various groups to find people that understand, that speak our language. People whose eyes don't glaze over when we talk about things in terms of the transcendent, the mystical, and the contemplative. I have been very blessed to find a few of those people where I live. But here on the blogosphere it seems unlimited! I am like a kid in a candy store. (Well, actually just like me in a candy store. Remember, I love candy.)

What I have discovered in this blogging circle that I have so incredibly become a part of is depth. It wasn't something that I thought that was a part of anything online. It's unexpected. It's a gift. I humbly thank those who read, those who write,and those who leave comments. I express my gratitude at being a part of something that is so deeply real.


Roy said...

Vast emptiness.
Nothing special.

Anonymous said...

i missed this one! You know that I love the internet and 2 of my closest friends were ''found'' online. there is a place for everyone and i love that you are happy about this!

Tess said...

I wonder if your ears were burning on Thursday, because Lucy (Diamonds in the Sky With) and I were discussing you as we walked around the Chester Beatty Library museum in Dublin! We were saying how very quickly your blog has become essential reading to us both.

We were also saying how many people just don't "get" the value of blogs. The depth you talk about is crucial and it allows a wonderful meeting of mind and emotion.

Rebecca Johnson said...

The Chester Beatty Library Museum!? My, I am honored! My ears weren't burning, but I sure have been thinking about the three of you over there on that fabulous adventure! I am so glad that you find some meaning at my site and I have to say that all of the bloggers in this circle are my mentors. I learn so much by seeing what you already do so well.

I have to tell you that I saw your picture on the list of followers over at Macrina's site and also a comment that you had left. It was so funny because only a week or so earlier I had emailed Macrina and highly recommended that she come visit Anchors and Masts and Abbey of the Arts. I thought that she would appreciate the musings of her fellow Benedictine's. : ) She is certainly one of my writing heroes.


lucy said...

coming a little late to the party, but just wanted to add how delighted i am you have joined this community. you have articulated well, what many don't understand...ever!

wish you were coming to explore the ancestors with us this weekend!!